Dr. Maria Evans: Consultancy

Are you
    • in need of fresh insights into your working practices?
    • working through a time of challenge or change?
    • needing the headspace to think both creatively and strategically?
    • looking for someone who has more than just coaching or training skills?
    • wanting a sympathetic peer who combines leadership skills with practical support?

Whether you’re an individual or entrepreneur, running a company or department, working with me will
    • quickly identify what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do about it;
    • encourage you to think creatively to address the challenges you’re facing; and
    • inspire you to bring about positive and long-lasting change.

Clients working within the education and creative industries tell me they appreciate my knowledge of their sector, the particular challenges they face, and my understanding of their values; clients from outside these sectors tell me they appreciate the fresh insights offered by my creative and problem-solving skills. All clients comment on the level of care and support that I provide, and the speed with which they see results.

To find out how my unique set of skills in leadership, research, training, and coaching can help you and your business, book an online meeting with me. (If you can't find a time that suits please let me know via the contact form.)