Are you keen to boost staff confidence and morale? Increase staff productivity? Strengthen your financial position?

I have more than twenty years’ experience leading and facilitating professional development support packages in a range of settings, and more than thirteen years’ experience as a coach.

I can offer you advice on setting up a successful professional development programme tailored to your needs, and undertake staff surveys, focus groups or training needs’ analyses. Although my work is by no means confined to this, I have significant experience supporting working women, and have a particular interest in helping organisations audit and develop policies and practices to attract, retain and support female talent.

By working with me you will have

    greater knowledge of staff morale, helping you stave off discontent, ill-health and resignations;
    staff with increased confidence and strategies to take on new responsibilities;
    insights into how to better attract, support and retain female talent; and
    strengthened your financial position through reductions in staff illness from stress and increases in staff retention.

To find out how my unique set of skills in leadership, research, training, and coaching can help you and your business, book an online meeting with me. (If you can't find a time that suits please let me know via the contact form.)