Looking for help with your career? Maybe your confidence has been knocked by redundancy, or its threat. Perhaps you’re at a cross-roads moment, craving clarity to inform future decision making? Or you’re hoping to return to work after a period of absence, wondering how you can make yourself stand out in a deeply competitive world?

Working with me, you will feel fully supported as you navigate your way through these challenging times. And by the time we’ve finished you will have:

  • a clear vision for your future;
  • a professional-looking CV;
  • a strategy for managing the highs and lows of job-hunting;
  • strengthened your confidence;
  • increased your earning power.

This first session is an opportunity for you to talk about your current circumstances and the type of support you might like. The outcome will be decisiveness about what you’re hoping to achieve and, should you choose to proceed, agreement on what package of support will best meet your needs.
You will have the opportunity to reflect on your career to date, and aspirations for the future. This could involve exploration of employment, retraining, setting yourself up as a freelancer or establishing your own business. The outcome will be an action plan for skills’ development, networking, your job-hunting campaign or next steps for your own business.
These sessions will provide you with the time and head space to think carefully about your goals, barriers to achieving them, and strategies for overcoming them. Each session will result in a clear action plan to help you achieve your goals.
Following a discussion about your career to date and your aspirations for the future I will support you in the creation or amending of your CV. The outcome will be a professionally presented CV to help you achieve future success in your job hunting.
I will work with you to anticipate likely questions and provide opportunities for you to rehearse your answers including, should you choose, the opportunity for a mock interview and feedback. The outcome will be greater preparedness and confidence around future interviews.
This will cover ideas on how to ‘market’ yourself and use LinkedIn – the social media platform used most used by working professionals.
Fees vary depending on type and length of support. For example, I offer a six week programme including face-to-face (typically via Zoom) and email support, alongside the creation of a professional CV, for a package price of £1495. Other packages are available and I’ll be pleased to agree with you a package that suits your aspirations and budget.

Make a start now by booking a free 30-minute session