This new package, launched in 2021, has been designed with you in mind. Please note, this is not counselling, but is instead work-focused support, helping you to continue with your career, whether that’s by choice or necessity.

It builds on my experience of supporting others and is specifically crafted with sensitivity and flexibility built in. Knowing that illness, menopause and grief are all unpredictable, it is the one support package where I offer free rescheduling of appointments at any point. This means you can postpone on the day, or even during a session – and we will simply reschedule; no questions asked; no money lost.

The One Step at a Time package provides you with a safe and sympathetic environment in which to identify and implement necessary adjustments that will enable you to keep working. By the end you will have the knowledge and strategies so that you can better:

  • manage your energy;
  • identify priorities;
  • accept new ways of working;
  • ask for help when you need it;
  • look after your physical and mental well-being.

To find out how I can support you, book a free, no obligation 30-minute meeting with me.